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Ticket Type Mon-Thu Fri-Sun Age
Regular ticket Adult 10,000 Won 12,000 Won Age 20 - 64
Youth 8,000 Won 11,000 Won Age 11 - 19
Group ticket Adult 9,000 Won 10,000 Won Over 20 people
Youth 7,000 Won 9,000 Won Over 20 people
Kids' zone (family accompany) Kids' zone 7,000 Won 9,000 Won Ages 3 - 64
Kids' zone Group ticket Group 7,000 Won 9,000 Won Under Age 10 & family accompany
Free - Age 65 and over
- Age 3 and under (Must be accompanied by a guardian)
- Disabled Grade 1-3 including 1 accompanying person
- National Merit Recipients
Operation Time - 10 : 00 ~ 18 : 00
※ Checking and cleaning the facilities (break time 12:30 ∼13:30)


  • 30% of tickets are available online per day and 70% of tickets are available at the door. If not purchased online, please purchase at the door.
  • Please be aware that tickets may sell out early and at weekends. There may be a wait to enter the Zone and to purchase tickets on busy days.
  • Adults with 'Kids' Zone' tickets are ALLOWED to enter 'Regular Zone', however, Adults with 'Regular Zone' tickets are NOT allowed to enter 'Kids' Zone'.
  • Tickets will NOT be reissued or refunded if lost, stolen, or damaged tickets. Please keep it safe.
  • No reproduction or alteration of the purchased ticket will be sold to third parties. We (Incorporated Foundation Committee of Boryeong Mud Festival or sponsored companies) take NO responsibility or liability if the tickets are purchased through a third party.


  • Non-ticket holders will not be permitted to access non-free zone.
  • Please note, Pets are not allowed to enter except guide dogs.