WANTED: Busking performers for the ‘Boryeong Mud Festival’

June 1st, 2017

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Korea’s no.1 summer festival ‘Boryeong Mud Festival’ is searching for buskers to provide various attractions during the festival.

  • Recruitment period: Until June 9, 2017
  • Number of teams to be recruited: 20 performing teams
  • Types: music, magic, mime, and more
  • Qualifications: groups composed of 1~5 members who can perform all kinds of cultural art performances without limitation such as playing instruments, magic, and miming possible to be performed in the streets during the festival
  • How to apply: Download the application form in the Boryeong Mud Festival website, after filling up the form, send to
  • Busking area: Please refer to 공연장안내.pdf found in the site
  • Daecheon Beach; 3 areas at car-free streets

    1. Pavilion in front of Dapo raw fish house and area to install a deck
    2. Front of Meeting Plaza at the side of Fireve Hotel
    3. Small plaza in front of JI Hotel

  • Release of results: June 23, sent individually
  • Performances must be free in principle. Installation of lighting and sound system is provided.
  • For inquiries: Boryeong Mud Festival office (930-3882), Tourism Division (930-3542)

Busking performances will be held at car-free streets and we are planning to provide various attractions to the festival tourists. We look forward to many participation and interests!

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