Mud flat mini marathon

June 1st, 2017

  • Date: July 22, 2017
  • Location: Mud flat event site, coastal road of Boryeong City
  • Participation fee: free (maximum of 500 people, first-come first served basis)
  • About: Mud flat mini marathon to be held at the mud flat
  • Transportation: Free bus ride to and fro between Daecheon beach and the event site
  • Reception: Online registration in the webpage (on-site registration possible)
  • Contact details: Event office: 041-932-2900
  • How to register: online and on-site
  • Online:
  • Qualification: Anyone with no particular health problems (age not limited)
  • Awardee: First, second, third place winners from each genders (6 in total)
  • Prize: Crystal trophy, completion medal, Mountain Dax bag
    *1st and 2nd place international winners both male and female will receive a separate bag

The main event site of the mud festival at Daecheon Beach and marathon site is different. Please refer to the link attached below.

Address: 충청남도 보령시 해안로 401 ( 401, Haean-ro, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do )


Participants of the marathon must check their health status first before deciding whether they can finish the course they have applied for. In case an emergency situation occurs during the marathon, stop immediately and ask for assistance from the medical team and the staffs.

The event organizers are not to be held responsible for injuries and accidents caused by carelessness and health issues.

Usually, professional runners run with tightly tied light running shoes or there are those who wear thick socks and tie the shoelaces to their ankles.

Do not run with bare feet.

The festival site is provided with well sieved mud from the mudflat but the area where the marathon will be held is an actual mudflat with seashells so you may injure your feet.

Being a free event, participants must remember to take care of themselves. Organizers are not to be held responsible for injuries and accidents due to carelessness or health issues.

Participants must bring extra clothes, underwear, socks (must be worn), and towel. Socks are sold at the site as well.

About the festival

The most awaited time for the people during the marathon is when they get messy at the mudflat. This is not a competition for the best record but for everyone to experience and enjoy the mudflat.

We do not issue certificates. (Those who wish to have completion medal must provide 3000 won)

We hope you will make unforgettable memories in the vast mudflat.

Picture of the marathon course from the sky

Total course: 3km

Mode of transportation:

  1. Free shuttle bus (45 seats): bus stop to be announced in the future
    Depart at 3:50pm
    Area around the main event site of the mud festival -> mudflat marathon site
    Depart at 5:30pm
    Mudflat marathon site -> area around the main event site of the mud festival

  2. When using one’s car
    Festival site (Daecheon Beach) -> Daecheon Port -> Entrance to Hemang-san
    Takes 10 minutes, go straight from Daecheon Port

Schedule of events:

Internet registration

  • Gather at the mudflat event site (use shuttle bus or own car)
  • Distribution of participants
  • Announcements and forwarding
  • Start of marathon (16:30)
  • Finish
  • Ranking
  • Awarding (trophy, medal, and prize for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd male and female)
  • Distribution of participants into 4~5 teams. Mudflat sports to be done in rotation.
  • End of event
  • Use portable shower room and depart for the main event site with the shuttle bus

** Please take care of your valuables. We do not keep your valuables for you.
** Please bring extra clothes, underwear, socks, and towels.
** Priority in participating various events is given to early birds and online applicants.

Online application:

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