Sapsi-do Dulle-gil Trail

June 14th, 2017

Jeju Island is not the only place with a beautiful dulle-gil! One of the islands of Boryeong, Sapsi-do, also has a dulle-gil made by the fisher folks of the island for those who come to visit the island.

The dulle-gil trail is as follows.

Bamseom dock -> Geumsongsa -> Hwanggeum gomsol -> Mulmangteo -> Jinneomeo beach -> Sulttung dock

Bamseom dock -> Geumsongsa (1.6km)

You begin from the dock of a quiet island. On the way going to the village, in the corner going to Gosat-gil, look for a stone post written ‘파도 소리 (pado sori: sound of waves)’ guesthouse. There you will find a small sign that says ‘밤섬해수욕장 둘레길 가는 길’ (The way to go to Bamseom Beach dulle-gil) written in white on a navy blue background. Follow the sign and enter the village. When you reach a three-way intersection, turn left and you’ll find a tranquil path. At the end of the trail, you’ll find yourself at Bamseom Beach.

Geumsongsa -> Hwanggeum gomsol (1km)

Walk out from the beach and enter the mountain trail. It is steep but short so you won’t have much difficulty. From the three-way intersection, choose the east seashore trail. In the 0.8km distance from the intersection to Hwanggeum gomsol, you will walk on a beautiful trail that oversea the ocean on the first 0.3km.

Hwanggeum gomsol -> Mulmangteo (1.2km)

Follow the signpost in Hwanggeum gomsol and head to Mulmangteo. This place has strangely shaped stones and rocks on the shore. There is a small patch of sandy beach where you can rest.

Mulmangteo -> Bonggeutdengyisan (2.1km)

Return to the fork road. If you find the right direction, the pine forest trail will welcome you. Turn around the corner of the mountain foot then you can see the sea from the terrace. Bonggeutdengyisan Jarak-gil will end at the fork road past the Jinneomeo beach past the terrace where you can see Anmyeon-do.

Jinneomeo beach -> Sulttung dock (2.5km)

If you’re at the fork road, go left. There is a path that will lead you to past the village to the dock. The sand at Jinneomeo beach is clay-like so it’s quite hard. The gently sloped shore makes the sea not too deep so you can play with your family without worrying.

Go past the beach and you’ll reach Sulttung Village. We recommend you to visit Ocheon Elementary School Sapsi branch where the total number of students from grades 1 to 6 is 17 in all. It’s a very beautiful school.

Guide to going to Sapsi-do from Daecheon Port

April 1 ~ September 30

Departure from Daecheon Port Departure from Sapsi-do
7:30, 13:00, 16:00 8:15, 13:45, 17:25

Ticket fee

Ferry Port Of Call Depart. Arrival General fares
Adult Children (1- 12yrs old) Middle. High school Elderly (65 years old and above)
Shinhan Express Ferry Daecheon – Sapshido Departure 9900 4700 9000 8100
Arrival 9000 4500 8100 7200

It takes 40 minutes to go to Sapsi-do. After purchasing the ticket, kindly write down your name and telephone number at the ticketing place.

The dulle-gil is 6.2km long and will take 3 hours to walk in total. The ferry that comes from Daecheon Port thrice a day would embark at the Sulttung dock at the northeastern part of the island or Bamseom dock, the southeastern part of the island depending on the tide. Kindly double check at Yeonan Passenger Terminal what time will the ferry leave from the island and which dock you must go to.

For inquiries, call 041-930-5020.

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