One fine day in Nokdo

June 1st, 2017

Source: Screen capture of Infinite Challenge

The reality show ‘Infinite Challenge’ had recently visited Nokdo/ Nokdo Island to film episode 528 entitled ‘One fine day’ and after the show was televised, many people have been curious as to where Nokdo is located. Well, look no further because you can find Nokdo right here in Boryeong, Chungcheongnamdo! If you want to see Nokdo from Infinite Challenge, why don’t you come and visit?

The name ‘Nokdo’ was given to the island because it looked like a deer that was lying down facing the west while its antlers faced the east. The island is located far off the peninsula and is known for the strong cooperation and unity of the inhabitants. The main source of livelihood of the inhabitants is fishery.

Source: Google Earth

The town in Nokdo is formed on a hill facing the sea. It’s a beautiful island that reminds one of an ancient western castle from a fairy tale when the lights shining from the town is seen from the sea one summer night. You will be able to enjoy peace and quiet in this serene and beautiful island.

Here is how to get to Nokdo. There are other beautiful islands beside Nokdo that you may like to visit when you have time.

Source: Screen capture of Infinite Challenge

Because Nokdo is an island, you must take a ferry to travel. First, you have to come to Daecheon Port by either car, train, or bus. Then you can take a ferry from the port to Nokdo.

Transportation to Daecheon Port

Types Classification Route
Train Janghang Line Railway Seoul → Daecheon Station (05:20 ~ 20:40 / 3hrs / operated 16 times)
Janghang → Daecheon Station (04:45 ~ 20:10 / 1hr / operated18 times)
Expressway Gyeongbu Expressway Cheonan IC → Asan → Hongseong → Boryeong
Yuseong IC → Gongju → Cheongyang → Boryeong
West coast Expressway Daecheon IC → Boryeong
Gyeongbu and Honam Expressway Branch Hoedeok JC → Yuseong IC → Gongju → Cheongyang → Boryeong
Honam, Cheonan-Nonsan Expressway Nonsan JC → West Nonsan IC → Nonsan → Buyeo → Boryeong
Bus City bus From the city bus bus stop in front of Daecheon Station going towards Daecheon Beach (Every 10 minutes)
Operated 113 times every day from 06:00 ~ 22:30 (10km / 20mins)
Intercity bus Seoul → Boryeong (06:00 ~ 21:50 / 2hrs ~ 3hrs 10mins / operated 32 times)
Daejeon → Boryeong (06:30 ~ 19:30 / 1hr 50mins ~ 2hrs 40mins / operated 54 times)
Gunsan → Boryeong (06:50 ~ 19:00 / 1hr 30mins / operated 14 times)
Ferry Shinhan Shipping Daecheon → Nokdo
April~May (Sat•Sun), June~September (08:00, 14:00)
Mid October (Sat•Sun) (08:00, 13:00)
November~ March, April~ May, October (weekdays) (10:00)

※ Schedule above is subjected to change due to the tide and condition of the ferry. Please refer to the site for more details.(

Of course, you should know what time will the ferry leave! Here is the schedule of the ferry.

Ferry: Daecheon <-> Nokdo

April~ May

Days Departure from Daecheon Port Departure from Nokdo
Weekdays (Mon- Fri) 10:00 13:05
Weekends (Sat- Sun) 08:00, 14:00 11:05, 17:05

June 1~ September 30

Departure from Daecheon Port Departure from Nokdo
08:00, 14:00 11:05, 17:05

** For Special Summer Transportation Period, schedule will be notified

Please take note that the time of departure is different on weekdays and weekends.

Source: Screen capture of Infinite Challenge

Guidelines on the ending time of ticketing and boarding

*To depart on time and for the safety of the passengers, the following time will be a deadline for ticketing and boarding the ferry.

We ask for your cooperation and concern so that you will not miss the ferry.

Ending time for ticketing Ending time for boarding
Boarding Ticketing ends 10mins before departure Boarding must be complete 5mins before departure
Refusal to board Boarding can be refused if ticket was not bought or the ferry was not boarded on time
*1 ticket per person sold (includes online ticketing)

Please remember that you must buy your boarding pass 10 minutes before the departure time and board the ferry 5 minutes before the departure time! You may also want to buy tickets online for your own convenience.

Source: Boryeong City Naver Blog

The price rates are as follows. If you want to visit other islands as well, take note of the table below!

Departure: Daecheon -> (island) Gihangji

Arrival: (island) Gihangji -> Daecheon

Flexible operating rate system of the ferry applied (10% off) – applied on weekends and holidays

Ferry Port Of Call Depart. Arrival General fares
Adult Children (1- 12yrs old) Middle. High school Elderly (65 years old and above)
Shinhan Express Ferry Daecheon – Sapshido Departure 9900 4700 9000 8100
Arrival 9000 4500 8100 7200
Daecheon- Janggodo Departure 10100 4800 9200 8300
Arrival 9200 4600 8300 7400
Daecheon- Godaedo Departure 10200 4900 9300 8300
Arrival 9300 4700 8400 7400
Wonsan Express Ferry Daecheon- Wonsando (Jeodu) Departure 4900 2500 4550 4050
Arrival 4500 2300 4100 3600
Daecheon- Hyojado Departure 4950 2300 4100 3600
Arrival 4500 2300 4100 3600
Daecheon- Wonsando (Seonchon) Departure 4950 2500 4550 4050
Arrival 4500 2300 4100 3600
Daecheon- Anmyeondo Departure 8000 4100 7300 6500
Arrival 7300 3700 6600 5800
West Frontier Ferry Daecheon- Hodo Departure 10100 4800 9200 8300
Arrival 9200 4600 8300 7400
Daecheon- Nokdo Departure 12100 5750 11000 9900
Arrival 11000 5500 9900 8800
Daecheon- Oeyeondo Departure 16500 7850 15000 13500
Arrival 15000 7500 13500 12000

Here are somethings to remember when you purchase the boarding pass:

  1. If you will buy using your credit card, present it at the counter beforehand.
    Cards allowed: BC, LG, KB, Samsung, Hyundai, US Visa, Shinsegae, Peace, Chukhyeop, City, Shinhan, Suhyeop card (single payment, 3 months)
    Warning: In case deductibles rise in accordance to the management regulation when you want to cancel/ refund after purchasing the ticket with a card, you must pay the deductibles in cash.

  2. Discount for the disabled:
    Level 1- 3: 50% off (including 1 guardian)
    Must provide the welfare card at the counter.

  3. Discount for the elderly:
    65 years old and above on the day of boarding.

  4. Children:
    1-12 years old: half of the price of an adult
    Below 12 months: free

If you’re thinking of spending the night there, you would have to stay in a guest house. But if you’re the type who likes to enjoy the nature, camping out in the beach is also a good idea!

There are a few cozy guesthouses in Nokdo but it would be difficult to find those who can speak in English. The best way to reserve a room is to get a help from a Korean friend if you are not very fluent in Korean.

These are the list provided in the Boryeong City Naver Blog taken from Shinhan Shipping Website.

Lee Jong Hwa 041) 934-1384
Park Myeong Soo 041) 932-2870
Yi Gyu Yin 041) 932-0097
Jeon Ok Jin 041) 932-0791
Park Yeon Chul 041) 932- 2465

And here are some guest houses with pictures that you may refer to. However, they also accept reservations through calls like the above list.

  1. Boon’s guesthouse:
    33-4, Nokdo 2-gil Ocheon-myeon, Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do

  2. Wondoo’s guesthouse: /
    Level 1- 3: 50% off (including 1 guardian)
    15 pyeong- for 4 people
    18 pyeong – for 5 people
    Additional 10 000 won for additional people.
    010-5091-1378 / 010-2088-1378

With all this information in mind, what should you prepare before going to Nokdo?

Because it’s a small island, there aren’t much supermarkets around. You have to bring water, snacks, and drinks just in case you can’t find them there. If you like fishing, bring your rods with you! Nokdo is a hot spot for fishing among the fishermen and anglers alike. And if you want to camp out in the beach, prepare your tent and camping equipment!

So what’s there to see in Nokdo?

If your objective is sightseeing, let me warn you that there isn’t much to see in Nokdo. It’s a relatively small island with less than 200 inhabitants. However, it boasts its clear blue sea, fresh seafood, and beautiful forests where you can trek on.

Many visit the island to simply rest from their busy lives from the city. It’s not really a popular tourist spot like Jeju island but because of this, you can enjoy the entire island for yourself. If you’re the type to avoid crowded areas, perhaps you may want to try visiting Nokdo.

Source: Naver blog: Crazy with outdoors

Nokdo is famous for fishing. Many anglers visit Nokdo to catch basses and other types of fish. You can check out this blog by a man who went to Nokdo to fish:

Source: Naver blog: Crazy with outdoors

If you’re an avid camper, camp out in the beach and enjoy the sea breeze that will wash away this summer heat. You can grill meat, cook instant noodles with seafood, and even have a campfire!

Source: Naver Café: Playground Spirit

But if you want to try something different, try a courage test by visiting an abandoned school in front of the village late at night with your friends. Who knows? Maybe you’ll see something you shouldn’t see…

Source: Naver Café: Playground Spirit

Though small, Nokdo is a peaceful island that shows you the beauty of isolation. You will surely enjoy your stay there surrounded by the beautiful ocean with the kind villagers. If you want to get away from the busy urban life for a short period of time, visit Nokdo and other islands in Boryeong!

More pictures of Nokdo can be found here in Shinhan Shipping Website:

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