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Jul 42019

Boryeong Mud Fact: Boryeong Mud is good for your skin!

Boryeong Mud Fact: Boryeong Mud is good for your skin!
Did you know that Mud is really not that dirty?
Doesn't mean that your parents were wrong when they screamed at you as a child when there's mud all over you
Boryeong Mud is known to have organic minerals that prevents skin aging and skin contraction! It has elements like Ge(Germanium), Mg(Magnesium) and etc. So don't shy away from the mud and come to Boryeong Mud Festival where you can get splashed with all the mud here. Don't worry if you're late because we have plenty of mud here!
Using such special ingredients, we created Mud cleansing and skin/cosmetic products! While you can't bring home the mud, you can definitely bring home the mud products that are produced after a thorough 2~3months production just to get best out of the mud for your skin. To those who still might think that it might be dirty, don't worry because our cosmetic products have been tested by the Korea Testing & Research Institute. The results were... 0 in Skin Stimulation. Hence a non-irritant substance! You can purchase these cosmetics/products during the whole 10-days of the festival.

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