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Jul 122019

Honest Blogs by bloggers/influencers

Honest Blogs by bloggers/influencers
Unsure what to do/expect in Boryeong Mud Festival? Hear it from the bloggers who made it here the previous years. We chose 6 bloggers that gave their honest and detailed trip to our festival so that you know where to go and what to do. There's a lot more than just the festival itself when traveling to Boryeong.

Only 7-days left until our festival so plan your trip and find a place to stay and enjoy. We support all bloggers/influencers willing to make the trip down to our festival and write about it.

The Poor Traveler:…/boryeong-mud-festival-se…/

Torn Tackies:…/

The O'Briens Abroad:…/family-fun-at-the-boryeong-…/

Jessica Moy Blog:


A Broader Tale: