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Source: Naver blog Let’s go to Daecheon

June 14th2017


Celebrating its 20th anniversary, Boryeong Mud Festival took over Gwanghwamun and showcased the successful atmosphere of the festival which will be held next month from the 21st to the 30th.

On June 4, 2017, Boryeong City announced that it had successfully held the ceremony of the public announcement of the Great Promotion Competition and the Year of Visiting Boryeong in Gwanghwamun Square, the heart of Korea, together with thousands of Seoul and metropolitan citizens. This festival was held to further promote the 20th Boryeong Mud Festival and the 12th National Marine Sports Festival to be held this coming August.

A semi mud festival was held with 3 kinds of air bounces such as mud slide, mud tub, and swimming pool and various sub-events were enjoyed by visitors such as experiencing mud cosmetics and color mud, visiting agricultural products booth, having VR experience of Boryeong tourist spots, and more. Since the festival was held in the city, water was filled in the air bounce slide instead of mud.

Source: Naver blog Let’s go to Daecheon | Naver blog Blue Garden made by a scriptwriter and produer

The press conference held in Koreana Hotel was participated by both foreign press such as New York Times and Getty Images and local press who listened to the detailed planning of the festival and discussed on ways to improve and have agreed to work together to bring the boom of Boryeong Mud Festival through various promotional methods.

In the afternoon, the festival got even more heated up as the Mud Whiz Dance Crew, composed of young ladies from Boryeong, performed the mud song dance and various recreational activities as well as by girl group Live High who performed live on stage and helped promote the festival as 2017 ambassadors of the festival.

Source: Naver blog Blue Garden made by a scriptwriter and produer
Source: Naver blog Blue Garden made by a scriptwriter and produer

There was also the ‘mud bucket challenge’ where the organizers got a whole bucket of mud poured all over from head to toe.

Boryeong Mayor Kim Dong –Il said ‘The Gwanghwamun Mud Festival Promotional Festival was prepared to bring the attention of not only Korea but the whole world’ and ‘We will lead the festival to another success with thorough preparation’.